Course plan / Texts


Greetings and welcome to the winter 2013 semester of Convergence Journalism.

It was great meeting all of you on Thursday. Provocative conversation and very helpful feedback on what you’d like to learn during the next 15 weeks. In short – everything. But we’ve only got 27 class periods left, so I had to do some prioritizing.

In summary, most of you expressed interest in honing your writing and digital story-telling skills and learning how to market your work. You said you want to learn how to blog, edit video, do a better job of sourcing stories, build websites, create hyperlinks, shoot photos, create digital portfolios and, bless you, improve your grammar.

So, we’ve got our work cut out for us. While we proceed to conquer the vast world of digital story-telling toys, we’ll also try, as one of you requested, to have fun.

One thing that will enhance your progress in this class is to keep the course texts close at hand. Mark Briggs’ “JournalismNext,” should be dog-eared and dirty by the end of the semester. And the link from your work station to Mindy McAdams’ “Reporters Guide to Multimedia Journalism,” should be at the ready, either as a bookmark, or in hard copy (in the name of being-green, please print it on your own dime, not ours … thanks).

Mindy, by the way, is a professor at The University of Florida and one of her mantras to digital journalists is “RTFM.” I’ll let you figure it out.

Cheer and peace.


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