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01:17:13 or, the subject is parking

Today we’ll be Skyping with Adam Neal, metro editor at Scripps Treasure Coast newspapers. Following the discussion, you’ll be doing a little four-dimensional story-telling on Meograph.

mantiSpeaking of story-telling, make sure  you continue to follow the Manti Te’o debacle, which continues to veer into some very weird places.  Cautionary tales abound, including a huge one for journalists: if your mother says she loves you, check it out.

Meanwhile, here are your assignments for Tuesday:

  • Complete your Meograph.
  • Write a new blog post for your website about the Meograph process, and link to yours. Keep it brief. No extra credit for verbosity. Remember to use links.
  • Read chapters 7-9 (photography) of the RGMP Guide
  • Read chapter 6 (photography) in Briggs.
  • Begin considering your first story/slideshow package. The subject is “parking at OU.” Think about how you can hyperfocus that topic – a chronic source of irritation for students. We’ll brainstorm ideas on Tuesday. Remember to think narrow and deep.

Ongoing assignments include tweaking and toying with your WordPress site and exploring those of your colleagues.


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