Looking forward to Thursday 3:28

Thursday we’ll spend some time reviewing and finessing your final multi-media project proposals and talking about video.

We’ll also be talking, via Skype, to Kay Nguyen (Class of 2012) who works for the Aberdeen News in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Kay moved to Aberdeen before her diploma was even printed. Her beat is K-12 education and she covers it across platforms. Here’s a link to a multi-media package she wrote and produced about the popularity of tubas in the local school district.

Kay will be happy to answer your questions – and I hope there are many. Please spend some time researching her and be prepared to participate in a conversation beginning at 3:15 Thursday.

Meanwhile, the vox pop video packages are due at the end of the day, Thursday. Upload, as usual, to your WordPress site, single page.


Kay on the job

Remember also, that the Student Showcase is Tuesday, April 2 in the Oakland Center. Please plan to attend and make sure you sign the attendance sheet when you arrive. I may not be on site for the entire event, so if you don’t see me, look for Garry or one of our other faculty members. I’ll leave the attendance sheet in capable hands.


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