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Another snowy Thursday. Good day to gather in a warm classroom and talk about multimedia reporting, convergence and The Oscar nominees.

We’ll kick things off with a sassy Louis CK bit, then read this piece by Rachel Maddow. I’m so certain it will resonate with you, I’ve reserved 15 minutes for discussion.

Next we’ll talk a bit about and these multimedia storytelling examples, which you need to start exploring.  And you were worried your weekend might be deadly dull. Fear not.

Reminder: Adam Neal will join us via Skype on Thursday. 

And, finally, we will address the portion of the afternoon you’ve been waiting for – the “Anatomy of a Multimedia Newsroom” presentations. Voila. Part one will be the group teaching presentation and part two will be a stimulating game of new media “Jeopardy.” Correct answers (which are really questions, right), earn you gold coins.

Your assignment for Tuesday is to read Chapters 1-3 in Briggs, and this scary story from Esquire. Not to worry, no gore. But plenty to get you biting your nails.



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