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pencil sharpener

The Boston KS original; a small, good thing

Seriously cold again, so we’ll warm up with our postponed game of “Jeopardy.”

For cool-down we’ll talk about the terrible, horrible, no good, very-bad digital experience of Kim Stafford. Lest you forgot, that reading was assigned on Thursday. I’m hoping your take-aways are more meaningful than those of the commenters.

Next we’ll take a walk on the wild TCpalm side. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts about some of the multimedia story-telling examples the staff is doing. Again, this was a Thursday assignment. We’ll also talk a bit about Adam Neal. What did you learn about him?

Be prepared to spend a few minutes brainstorming the process and details of the first assignment – crowdsourcing.

Lab should be fun – everything you want to know about RSS feeds, readers and Google Alerts.  We’re going to be playing with Feedly in case you want to get a sneak peek.

For Thursday, please continue to absorb chapters 1-3 in Briggs, and compose one or two questions to ask Adam Neal. You’ll be writing a blog post about your conversation with him.


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