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marlboro-manToday we’re going to complete a detailed and fool-proof plan for our exciting crowdsourcing project. That means figuring out process, logistics and execution. No stone unturned, as they say. And nobody leaves until we’ve completed instructions for the instructors and crafted a professional but appropriately droll request for participation.

We also need to discuss the intended point of the project, or as they so delicately say in newsrooms, the “give-a-shit.”

Details and deadlines for the assignment will be posted on this site after today’s class. BTW, participation in this planning session will be part of the grade.

I’m fairly certain this agenda will take up most of our class time, but not to worry, in the event we finish early, I’ve got plenty to discuss.

Meanwhile, I’m just loving Feedly. Today alone, I found out that I am correct – Millenials do bump into news. And I learned about a guy named Mark Slutsky (right, I know, unfortunate surname) who perfectly married “hyper local” and “niche” with his website, Sad Youtube. For the quick overview, listen to this piece from NPR’s “On the Media.” And then there was this featured obituary. Yeah, the fourth Marlboro Man to die of smoking-related causes. Geez. I hope my obituary isn’t illustrated with with a picture from “Grey’s Anatomy” (the book, not the TV show).


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