411 / Assignment / Course plan / Snow


This guy

This guy

It seems we’re stuck in a snowstall. I don’t know about you, but every time I look out the window or step outside, the clouds are, as my friend’s six-year-old said, “barfing up white stuff.”

Today we’re going to do some housekeeping chores – work on the mechanics of blog posting and talk about what to post above and beyond the occasional assignments.

We’ll also talk about HTML and the guy who invented it,  and complete a very simple lab. Then we’ll review what you’ve learned about Kristin Bull.

Finally, we’ll complete the packaging for the crowdsourcing project.

For Tuesday, please be prepared to impress Kristin with your resourcefulness and curiosity. You’ll be synthesizing the main take-away of her talk in a blog post that will be due on Thursday.


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