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Fail whale cake

The Twitter Fail Whale cake

The original Twitter Fail Whale, replaced in 2012 by an octopus, was one of the most popular social media images in the very short history of social media. It was tattooed, spoofed and even baked. This cake is the creation of  Mariana Pugliese, a cake designer from Buenos Aires.

The whale, by the way, is the creation of artist Yiying Lu, a Chinese illustrator. She titled it “Lifting a Dreamer.”

And so, the nut graph. Today we’ll be talking about microblogging, which we most often do using Twitter.

We’ll also chat about Kristin Bull and hyper local news, and complete an in-class research project.

By the way, the rubric for the crowdsourcing project is now posted here.


Set up a Twitter account if you don’t already have one, and link the account to your WordPress sight. Make sure the feed is visible on your page. For the next three days, post at least five tweets a day. Suggested topics include posting about what you’re reading, what you’re thinking, what you’re doing later or what you’re liking on Twitter. You can also pose a question, or answer one. Keep in mind that your posts shouldn’t be just random brain dumps. Write about something relevant, provocative or insightful. Write tweets you would want a prospective employer to see. Use hashtags and urls as necessary. I’ll be grading your tweets during break.

Send a courtesy email to your crowdsourcing instructors to remind them, very politely, that the project rocks out at 1:30 Thursday.

Read “Hatching Twitter.”


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