Welcome to March.

Welcome to the first day of the second half of  JRN 411.

Welcome to the beginning of Unit 4 – Multimedia. We’ll be exploring photos, slide shows, audio and video and their applications to digital story-telling.

Meanwhile, about today  – we’ll be talking about the progress on the crowdsourcing assignment first. We must decide what needs to happen next. Next, we’ll talk about photos, explore some photo composition advice, and review the next assignment – a simple photo slideshow completed in iMovie. The assignment is described here, under the assignments tab. The Moodle module is also prepared. Finally, we’ll explore iMovie and do a quick lab exercise.

For Thursday, please be prepared to discuss “Hatching Twitter.” What are the main “take-a-ways?” What did you learn that surprised you and what didn’t surprise you? Who are the heroes? The anti-heroes? Is there a moral to the story? Who would play the four musketeers in the big-screen version of the book and what would it be called? Your participation in this discussion will be noted.

Please note that there will be an open-book essay-type quiz on the book on Tuesday.

On Thursday, we’ll begin our exploration of audio.

And one final, reminder. If you miss class, you are responsible for finding out what you missed, and what is due, from a colleague, and you are expected to complete the assignments, on time. If you have a doctor’s note, or other documentation for an excused absence, we’ll talk.


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