Tanganyika asked me if we could talk about that sometime, and so we are. Today.

Poynter scholar Roy Peter Clark crafted a terrific explanation of what voice is in the “Tune Your Voice” tool kit he included in “The Writer’s Workbench” course on NewsU. We’ll review it in class, but here’s the link if you’d like to mine it deeper.

I’ll also be tapping a few of you do some some performances that illustrate differences in voice and how it does – yes – work for journalists.

Then it’s the big reveal – the third project/assignment. It’s posted on Moodle and, I promise, it’s fun. It will be due on Tuesday, March 18 before class.

And finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The essay-style quiz on “Hatching Twitter.” A great chance to apply everything you learned today about voice.
There will be no formal class session on Thursday. The room will be open if you’d like to work on your next project, and Garry will be pinch-hitting for me, if you need anything. For Tuesday, please make sure you’re comfortable with audacity, as we’ll be doing an in-class audio lab exercise.

See you Tuesday.


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