411 / audio / Course plan / Storytelling toys / video


Today we’re all about sound. We’ll be exploring the unique qualities of audio and how it can enhance journalistic storytelling.

To that end, we’ll complete a three-track audio lab using Audacity. Fun stuff.

You’ll also be selecting a podcast program to follow for the next week which you’ll be reflecting on in a future blog post.

Colleen Campbell, from University Communications and Marketing is going to pay us visit too. She’s recruiting candidates for two internship positions.

Speaking of recruiting, For Thursday, I’ll be looking for warm bodies to help with a WordPress tutoring session. for a colleague’s class. Details to come.

Next week, video producer John Azoni will be coming to class. John works for a company that runs two brands: Epic Motion and Tell. He’s the producer in charge of Epic Motion where he manages all the day-to-day tasks, books new jobs and manages the creative team. He also shoots and edits videos himself. Epic Motion produces wedding and lifestyle videos and you can see an example of one here. The other brand, Tell, produces commercial products. Here’s an example.

Please make sure you become acquainted with John, as well as his work, and prepare questions for him.


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