Hooray. It’s snowing.

Not to worry, we’ll spend our afternoon safe inside the confines of Vandenberg, the only place on campus where you can find tap dancers and accounts receivable clerks on the same floor.

We’ll start off our discussion today brain storming ideas for your multimedia projects. I’m excited to hear your visions. Remember, the proposal (part of the project grade) is due Tuesday.

We’re also going to talk about video, since that’s a required element in your final project. You’ll need to dive back into Mindy McAdam’s Reporters Guide to Multimedia Proficiency and, of course, your trusty Briggs text.  By the time we finish our discussion and lab you should be an expert in the five-shot method, as well as sequencing.

When we’ve finished with the “showing” portion of the video segment, you’ll be going out and “doing.” Details on the lab to come.

If you want to revisit today’s featured “5-7 shot” video, it’s right here.

For Thursday, please remember to acquaint yourself with John Azoni. He’ll be with us for the first hour of class. Please arrive on time and prepared to engage in lively conversation.

Finally, if you’re really having anger issues about spring, I encourage you to treat yourself to Graeme Harper’s essay, “Spring is a Dumb Word.”

Stay warm.


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