Audio slide show assignment

Create an audio slideshow: Nourishment


Fill out the project proposal on Moodle. I will provide feedback, including suggestions and approval of the project.

  • Vary your photo composition. Shoot different angles and different distances (super-close, close and medium are best) of each subject. Better to have too many than too few.
  • Most of the photos should include faces. For this project, it’s OK to breech that rule occasionally.
Your grade will be optimized if your project demonstrates:
  • Publishable quality journalistic story-telling
  • Quality photos
  • Variety in photos
  • Cohesive, organized story-telling
  • Smooth transitions and timing
  • Clear, understandable audio with no background noise
  • Music is optional (be very careful with music)

Number of photos to select from: Minimum of 10

Required reading:

Photo ethics

Composition and beyond. Read all the links on the page.

Upload the slideshow to a post on your website and provide the URL on Moodle. Make sure you provide a short bit of text in the post to provide context.

For instructions on moving iMovie files from one computer to another, see this.