Crowdsourcing project

Objective: Conceive and execute a crowdsourcing type project that involves a significant segment of the Oakland University community. Parse and package the results in a multimedia story package.


Reporting, interviewing, writing and development of story components on a variety of possible platforms and venues. Working in large groups.

Theory and critical thinking: Interpreting the results and determining the optimal venues and platforms for sharing the story.


#1. Successful solicitation of data from at least two sources.

#2. Story-telling. Creation of a compelling package that engages, enlightens and entertains readers. Package should include a short story about the project and the edited project video.

Individual and group participation:

Students are expected to contribute to the group aspects of the project as well as to complete individual content for their WordPress sites.

In the event students are unsuccessful at soliciting data, they will be expected to make more significant contributions to the remaining aspects of the project.


  • Solicit and collect data
  • Combine data
  • Plan and execute a group storytelling package (video)


You will be graded based on a combination of your participation and contribution to the group project, your resourcefulness, and the professionalism of your individual project. As always, grades are heavily contingent on how publishable your work is.

Project should be a WP post. Provide the URL to your post on the Moodle assignment module as usual.