Multimedia package final project: Convergence issue or trend

Multimedia story:

Research, report and produce a multimedia package  about a convergence journalism related issue or trend.

Examples of issues topics include: deep or dark web, comments, photo filters, blogging, paywalls, future business models for journalism or journalism as a non-profit.

Examples of trends include the rise in popularity of podcasts, journalistic entrepreneurship, the use of content marketing in digital journalism, visualizing data in digital journalism or social media trends for journalists or an analysis of a new app.

We’ll be talking about several topics in class but you are encouraged to think of an original idea to pursue. Your topic needs to be approved.

The most successful projects are those with a narrow focus, credible, accessible primary sources and working examples of the trend or issue. You may work in a group.

This project serves as your final project for this class and you’ll be presenting during scheduled sessions during the last two weeks of class. The goal is to present in 10 minutes or less and engage the audience in discussion.

Required components:

  • 300-word (minimum)  story or analysis
  • 30-60 second video or podcast (podcast must be multi-track)
  • Two photos (minimum)
  • Fourth component of your choosing

The story or analysis should be chunked with subheads.

The components should be packaged on a separate PAGE on your website. The page should appear on the MENU bar. The page should include a headline, a summary head, text (with subheads), photos, cutlines, video and the fourth component.

Don’t begin the project until your proposal has been approved. Timeline for brainstorming session and project proposal will be discussed in class. A proposal module will be posted on Moodle. Completing the proposal is part of the project grade.

The final packages should be uploaded to your websites and summarized in a two-minute (or less) presentation to the class on the scheduled date.

Options for the fourth component include:

  • Slide shows
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Geo-tagged maps
  • Polls
  • Interactive info graphics

Grading criteria:


  • Demonstrates original idea
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness and effort
  • Reflects  a substantial amount of time spent  in planning, reporting and producing
  • Material isn’t duplicated or overlapped in separate components

Story-telling mechanics and conventions:

  • Writing throughout is meticulously edited for grammar, punctuation and AP Style.
  • Copy  is organized and cohesive
  • Sources are credible, numerous and well-documented
  • Clearly journalism of verification, not assertion
Production values:
  • Video quality is professional, not distorted, pixelated or otherwise compromised
  • Audio is clear and volume of tracks are adjusted optimally
  • Music (if used) is appropriate and licensing is indicated (use of copyright-protected material could result in a zero for the project)
  • Graphics and photos are original and/or licensing is indicated (use of copyright-protected material could result in a zero for the project)
  • Five-shot method has been implemented (not necessarily in order)
  • Panning and zooming is avoided 99 percent of the time (or more)
  • Photos are clear and forward the story. Cutlines have been included.
  • Package is uploaded to website and clearly and effectively integrated

Class presentation requirements:

  • Clearly articulates the significance of the selected issue to journalism
  • Includes a clear, succinct summary of the story or analysis
  • Uses visuals
  • Engages the audience in discussion or elicits questions that you are able to answer satisfactorily

The work will ultimately be assessed regarding its publication potential.