Reflections on sharing blog post

Objective: Write a reflective blog post assessing the psychology of your sharing habits and those of two of your friends or colleagues.

Review the most recent 15-20 (minimum) social media shares of each person  (including email) and talk about the content, the primary reason for the shares and the persona of the sharer.

Base your discussion on the material in today’s reading – specifically on the lists of the five reasons why we share and the six personas of sharers.

Make sure to reference the article and the source of the lists (New York Times Customer Insight Group) in your post. You are also welcome, of course, to use the Ernest Dichter and Jonah Berger research.

This should be fun. You can write in first person and use alternative story-telling techniques if you like, including apps like Storify or ThingLink (which we’ll be using next week). Use visuals if they are relevant.

A word count of 300-400 is plenty.

As always, upload a copy of your post, ALONG WITH THE URL, to Moodle. Deadline per Moodle.