Simple slide show on photo composition

Assignment 2: Simple slide show package

Create a simple instructional story about photo composition. Include a simple slide show. Use captions, no sound. Use your own, original photographs to illustrate the concepts. Include a title slide and a credit slide.

You need 5-10 photos and you can narrow your focus to one aspect of composition, or do an overview.

Upload the slideshow to YouTube and then embed it in the blogpost on your website. See this tutorial for instructions on embedding.

If you don’t have a YouTube account, you’ll need to create one.

Don’t forget to write a headline. Think SEO.


  • Write a 100 word (approx) story with headline and subhead.
  • Use at least five photos and include at least 10 slides.
  • Base your instruction/advice on the photo composition information located on Journalists’ Toolkit here.
  • You may use other material as a source as long as it’s credible and adheres to the tenets of photo journalism.
  • Include a source on the slideshow for information and photos (those should be your own).
  • You may use iMovie, Final Cut or another program of your choice. Note: the instructor is most familiar with iMovie.
  • Package should be uploaded to your website. Post the URL on Moodle as usual.


The following issues will negatively affect your grade:

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation and style problems
  • Organization and cohesion issues
  • Compromised photo and production quality
  • Less than credible sourcing
  • Failure to properly embed
  • Sloppy or ineffective headline writing
  • Failure to convey the spirit of the assignment