Snapchat lab


  • During class time, report and shoot a 100 second (approx) Snapchat story.
  • Suggested genres include: Explanatory, montage, promo or a news or feature story.
  • This should be fun. Make the most of the features unique to Snapchat, and be true to the Snapchat voice.
  • Download the final STORY to your gallery and upload to YouTube. Then embed it in a WordPress post and write, very briefly, about what you did. Again, this should be fun.
  • Grade is based on the story, not on the artistry.
  • This is a lab assignment, worth 10 points.


Snapchat is a unique video medium and requires strategic planning. Storyboarding is encouraged. Consider introductory snaps, transition snaps, title snaps, closing snaps and “meat of the story” snaps.

Some of the most engaging Snapchat news accounts break the format of a typical Snapchat news story with quick snaps, videos made from two-second black screens and emojis. Be creative: even serious news accounts and stories benefit from filters and coloring. Keep people’s attention by taking advantage of the medium’s features.

Find individual parts of an event to focus on besides the main attraction of the event itself. Sound on Snapchat isn’t ideal, and zooming in granulates a subject. Find some people to talk to, food to show, or natural sound. Use details to really set the scene.

Always remember that you’re creating a story with small stories. Your snaps should all connect to form a coherent narrative. When one story ends, another should begin, with intros and conclusions. Every snap should relate to the story.

Before you post, triple check your captions. You can delete snaps, but you can’t edit them after they’re posted. Take a lot of snaps, put them in the story, then go back and use the best ones. Editing helps ensure that the narrative is coherent. Even if you don’t plan on cutting any snaps, looking over the story is never a bad idea.