Story with links and photo

Assignment 1: Research, report and write and story about an OU graduate who is moving (or has moved) out of state

You’ll need to identify student who is graduating, or who graduated within the last five years. You may not use a Communication or Journalism major as your source.

You are encouraged to utilize crowdsourcing to find potential sources.

Write a 400-500 (approx) story and relate and link it to the Bridge piece, “Young talent continues to flee Michigan.

Publish the story as a blog post. Make sure you use SEO-friendly headlines, as well as tags and categories.

Required elements:

  • Headline
  • At least three hyperlinks
  • Subheads
  • One photo
  • Caption

Optional elements:

  • Liftout quotes
  • Secondary photos
  • Summary headlines or drop headlines

Due date as posted on Moodle